Fló exalts the beauty and functionality of spaces

creating architectural identities with a deep aesthetic content

Flo translucent sheets of large format

What is it FLO ?

Translucent sheets of large format. Thanks to our technology we integrate diversity of unique materials for your project become appearance and soul of your space.

FLO is used as an architectural material and production of furniture for bathrooms residential sector and corporate sector bathrooms,

We provide aesthetic value and a key differentiating factor in your space.

FLO, trasluce your ideas!

translucent sheetsFlo

Fló It is composed of three layers, two outer faces and an inner layer. We can create custom sheets with materials inside

innovative finishes

custom creative

for the exclusive development of translucent sheets and furniture

Experimentation, innovation and aesthetic distinction

Transformation and installation

Receive a Kit Flo yadvisorycustom

We create custom sheets  

Fabrica F is a dynamic laboratory, a center of ideas where different architectural solutions to cater for different needs come to life. We provide a creative and dynamic process that will allow you to design and apply all the characteristics that you can imagine to stamp your seal on your architectural or design projects using one single material.


Straw, Glass / Opal

Threads, Glass / Glass

Wood, Mate / Mate

Threads, Glass / Opal

Fabric, Glass / Glass

 Lines Flo


Flo Orignel

Air Flo

Flo Zero

Flo Multilaminado

Flo Crudo

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What formats and sizes sheets made?

Is it organic?

How do you cut?

And it is cheaper than glass?

How much does a square meter?

What guarantee is given?

How much production is delayed?

Do you install?

Is this an acrylic?

And it is much line?

You can encapsulate what you want?

What is it for?

Where do they do?

And this product is national?

Projects and awards Fló

Flo has created architectural spaces and unique furniture companies such as:


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